Cheapest Car Insurance Company in the USA

In the current economic climate, it may seem obvious to want to opt for cheap auto insurance. However, since every business is unique, what’s inexpensive for one driver might not be the best deal for someone else.  To locate affordable auto insurance in several areas, we looked at auto insurance quotes from 139 different insurance providers nationwide to arrive at the cheapest car insurance company in the USA.

The State Farm offers the lowest overall cost for auto insurance, with a monthly average premium of $39 for minimal coverage. It is affordable coverage vehicle insurance, while being the least expensive.

State Farm is the largest auto insurer at the lowest cost.

After analyzing minimum coverage rates for 2024, It is found that State Farm is the cheapest car insurance company in the USA for safe drivers. The average yearly premium for State Farm was $471, or around $39 per month.

The most affordable provider of midsize auto insurance is American National

It is not required to register with big insurance providers to find inexpensive auto insurance. There are smaller insurers that provide coverage which is less expensive than State Farm several states, such as American National, Auto-Owners, and Erie.

Although they might not be as readily available, smaller insurers can provide lower vehicle insurance costs than bigger providers. The average yearly premium for State Farm was $422, or around $27 per month.

State Farm has the cheapest auto insurance following a speeding ticket.

If you have a speeding charge on your driving record, your auto insurance premium is likely to go up. State Farm has the most affordable rates following a speeding ticket, at an average of $553 per year, or $46 monthly.

Most affordable auto insurance following a crash: State Farm

The most inexpensive/expensive auto insurance company varies based on your driving record. State Farm offers the lowest average premium for customers with one approximately-fault mistake, at $615 per year of service, or $51 every month.

Progressive offers the lowest auto insurance after a DUI.

Having a conviction for DUI on your record for driving significantly raises the auto insurance premium. In this category, Progressive is the most affordable  and the cheapest car insurance company in the USA  following a DUI, charging, on average, $716 per year, or $60 monthly.

Best vehicle insurance for bad credit is offered by Geico

Credit-based insurance ratings are another tool used to determine auto insurance premiums. If you have bad credit, finding affordable auto insurance might be tricky. 

Please note that insurers are not permitted to use credit to determine prices for auto insurance in California, Hawaii, or Massachusetts.

The influence of credit on vehicle insurance is quite startling. Drivers with bad credit may pay, on average, more than $300 more annually than those with excellent credit.

If you have inconsistent credit and are seeking reasonably priced auto insurance from a major provider, Geico could be an excellent option to consider. The firm offers the lowest average rates for excellent drivers with bad credit, at $689 per year.

Cheapest young drivers’ auto insurance

Young drivers often find it difficult to get insurance from the cheapest car insurance company in the USA. This is because drivers lacking a recent driving record are considered riskier to insure. The same applies to foreign nationals, drivers with lapsed auto insurance, and tourists.

If you stay with family members, there is an option to continue using their insurance until you have a more extensive driving record.

The cheapest auto insurance for elderly motorists

As you reach old age, car insurance is rather cheap. 60-year-old drivers who have a spotless driving record and a high credit score may get some of the best deals from the cheapest car insurance company in the USA owing to their driving expertise and gained experience. However, if you are over the age of 70, prices start going up.

How to obtain Cheapest car insurance company in the USA

Here are six strategies you can put to good use to find the cheapest car insurance company in the USA

  • Shop for quotations from many insurance providers: Insurance policies must be changed frequently, ideally once in six months or a year as insurance rates keep changing. In short, go policy shopping!
  • Request reductions/discounts:  It is possible to get discounts from the cheapest car insurance company in the USA. This can help you to save money by availing discounts which are given for low-mileages, insuring multiple cars under one umbrella policy, combining homes and auto insurance.
  • Profit from significant life changes: Discounts are also offered for married individuals or domestic partners. Relocation to a different area also affects the policy rates especially one with a lower crime and accident rate. Even if you relocate to a costlier region with a higher standard of living, the auto insurance rate varies.
  • Increase the deductible amount:  One can pay a reduced premium by increasing your deductible. The only negative effect of this is to have sufficient funds saved up to pay the increased deductible in case you ever file a claim.
  • After your driving history gets better, review the quotes: Every three and five years following any moving infractions, penalties, or accidents review insurance rates as the penalties could have been removed from your driving history.
  • Think before you finalize your vehicle: The cost of your auto insurance also depends on the kind of vehicle you drive. Among other things, newer, high end automobiles often have higher insurance costs than older, less expensive cars.


Most people choose affordable auto insurance by opting for the minimum coverage mandated by the state they are living in. It may be worthwhile to note that if there is a major accident, it is possible the insurance provider may not provide you with the expected benefits.

Selecting the least expensive auto insurance from the cheapest car insurance company in the USA might also mean forgoing other coverage options that could have helped in paying for your personal medical expenses or property damage, such as in the event of an accident, severe weather damage to your vehicle, or hit-and-run incidents. 

Which automobiles have lower insurance costs?

The Subaru Outback and Crosstrek, Honda CR-V, and Mazda CX-5 were the least expensive cars to insure on average. When fixing rates, insurance companies usually take into account factors like theft rates, repair costs, and the likelihood of injuries to other drivers and automobile passengers. If you’re looking to buy a new automobile and want a low cost insurance plan, then avoid sports cars, expensive luxury vehicles, and vehicles that have a high likelihood of being robbed.

Is minimal coverage adequate?

Purchasing auto insurance at the lowest possible cost by sticking to your state’s minimal standards can put you in financial jeopardy if serious injury to another person or their property is caused through you, or if your vehicle is severely damaged.

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