Auto insurance quotes in Stephenville, Texas

Auto insurance quotes in Stephenville, Texas If you live in Texas and drive a car, then we are sure you realize that having Auto Insurance is a mandatory legal requirement. At $1842, the average cost of car insurance in Texas is $400 above the national average cost of car insurance in the United States of America. A common error of judgement that most people who opt for insurance make is that they settle for the lowest price possible and end up having a plan that neither suits their requirements nor the premiums they paid so far suffice when the need for a claim arises. 

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What are the factors that are likely to impact my Auto Insurance in Stephenville Texas?

Many variables affect the pricing of your Auto Insurance Plan.

-Depending on many factors like your age, the type of vehicle you drive, how long you have been driving, and the insurance provider, your credit score, the Auto Insurance policy varies.

-For example, if you have a clean driving record and have never been involved in an accident, you will have to spend less on your insurance plan. The rates are higher for drivers with low credit scores. This is because credit behaviors can help analyze the likelihood of filing a claim.

-Also, another factor that affects auto insurance is the number of miles you drive. If you are a person who drives regularly, your chances of getting into an accident are higher. Hence, it is likely that the insurance provider may ask you to pay a higher premium.

-Depending on how old or new your car is and the level of difficulty in replacing a spare part, if required, the insurer may charge you a higher or lower premium accordingly.

How much coverage do I need for Auto Insurance in Stephenville, Texas?

The calculation for coverage is quite simple. It is not always advisable to go for the minimum requirement prescribed for Auto Insurance in Stephenville Texas. Please note that the more options you include in your coverage, the higher your chances of paying a higher premium on your auto insurance plan. Yet, each plan is different and needs customization based on your requirements.

How do I choose affordable Auto Insurance in Stephenville, Texas?

-The first and foremost step would be to get multiple quotes from different insurance service providers and compare them before finalizing the service provider. Also, a crucial step here would be to make a fair assessment of the driving conditions you encounter daily and your driving habits in general.

-Another way of choosing affordable auto insurance is by carefully choosing the model and make of the car you intend to purchase by adding the insurance factor to your overall purchase cost.

-Check with your insurance provider if you are eligible for any discounts as per their policy Most insurance providers offer discounts for a clean record.

– Also, check if the option of a deductible works for you. When you choose a higher deductible, you will be paying less on the premium. The catch to this is that if you ever need to file a claim, you will need to cough up the deductible. 

Shop for different policies every six months. It is a known fact that insurance rates are susceptible to change quite often and changing policies regularly helps you take advantage of the best policy rates available at any given point in time.

What are the different Auto Insurance Quotes in Stephenville, Texas?

Before we get to the best auto insurance quotes in Stephenville, Texas, please note that the average cost per month for a policy that has full coverage is approximately $153. In Stephenville, the average cost is $138.

If we had to pick up the best Auto Insurance companies in Texas- Texas Farm Bureau and State Farm would win hands down! USAA offers low rates too but it is available for a select few which include veterans, members of the military and their families etc.

Let us make a comparative analysis of different service providers and how much they charge for an Auto Insurance policy in Texas.

Name of Service ProviderType of CoverageType of InsuredApproximate Monthly premium
Texas Farm BureauMinimum Coverage Car InsuranceAdults$33
Texas Farm BureauLiability Only Coverage Car InsuranceTeens$64
Texas Farm BureauFull Coverage Car InsuranceTeens$143
Texas Farm BureauFull Coverage Car InsuranceDrivers with a speeding Ticket$86
State FarmFull Coverage Car InsuranceDrivers who have caused an accident$124
State FarmFull Coverage Car InsuranceDUI-Drivers Under Influence$167
Texas Farm BureauFull Coverage Car InsurancePoor Credit$195

The above table helps us understand that across various categories, Texas Farm Bureau and State Farm are your best bets in Stephenville, Texas for auto insurance quotes.


There are many options that you could choose from before deciding on the insurance policy that suits your budget and requirements. Going for a minimum liability policy may sound tempting but it does not offer a lot of protection if you ever need to file a claim. A full coverage policy is a safer bet as it includes collision and comprehension coverage. Though it is a bit expensive, it helps you when you need the insurance services. Do keep in mind that the golden rule is to never settle for the first option that comes your way. Do your market research, get multiple quotes, and work around a plan that best suits you. You are unique, so why should your plan not be so?


  1. What is the minimum car insurance quotes in Stephenville, Texas?

    30/60/25- This means the minimum amount that one needs to be insured for a body injury is $30000. For one incident, this should ideally be $60000 and at least $25000 towards damage caused to property.

  2. What is the average Auto Insurance Quote in Stephenville, Texas?

    Well, it is approximately-$85 for Minimum Coverage Liability Insurance Plans, and $150 for Full Coverage Insurance Plans. Some good service providers are Texas Farm Bureau, State Farm, Progressive, All State, Bristol West, State Auto, Geico etc.

  3. What is the average cost that I am likely to incur on Auto Insurance quotes in Stephenville, Texas?

    If you are opting for a minimum liability plan in Stephenville, Texas you are likely to pay roughly $85 per month/$1017 annually. However, if you opt for a Full Coverage policy you might end up paying an average of $150 per month/$1795 annually.

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