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What to Consider When Choosing Workman Auto Insurance

workman auto insurance

There are many things to consider when choosing a Workman’s Auto Insurance policy. These factors include Discounts, Rates, and Coverage. Read on to learn more. Workmen’s Auto Insurance is not a standard insurance company, but it is unique because of its low rates and multiple payment plans. The company accepts credit card, electronic funds transfer, and checks as payment methods, and you can spread the payment out over several months.

Workman’s auto insurance

While standard insurance companies might charge a premium that is too high to swallow, Workmen’s Auto Insurance is an exception. In order to keep prices down, this company offers a variety of payment plans and low down payments. You can pay with your credit card, check, electronic funds transfer, or spread out your payments over several months. As a small business, Workmen’s Auto Insurance offers several ways to pay for your insurance.

The Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company was founded in 1949 and is now owned by the Mercury Insurance Group. The company is based in Brea, California, and serves the nonstandard auto insurance market in that state. It is partnered with independent insurance agents throughout California to provide coverage. Its website features car insurance quotes, which are calculated by analyzing over 40 million quotes. The website also displays discounts for SR-22 filings, multiple violations, and accidents.

The official website of the Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company offers minimal information and FAQs. Although it’s an old site, the customer service department is available by phone and email 24 hours a day. Alternatively, customers can contact the company through its Facebook page. Customers can choose between liability-only and liability-plus physical damage coverage. Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company offers both standard and nonstandard insurance policies, but it’s best to contact a broker directly before signing up.

If you’re looking for a new job in the insurance industry, consider working for Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company. Their profile includes information on their executives and benefits. As a small business, this company can be a great choice. While it’s not the best place for a new hire, it can offer a rewarding and inclusive working environment. And, according to reviews, Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company is a great place to work and make a good living.


If you have multiple violations on your driving record and are looking for auto insurance, you might want to consider working with a Workmen’s Auto Insurance company. They offer low down payment options and can spread the payments out over several months. Workmen’s Auto Insurance doesn’t compete with standard insurance companies but you can still find discounts to lower your rates. If you have multiple violations, you should talk to an AIS Insurance Specialist to see what discounts you may qualify for.

BI Points are another way to reduce your premiums. You can get a discount for not having any claims in the last three years. This applies to all vehicles on your policy. However, vehicles that are used for storage purposes or non-gasoline are not included in the count. Other discounts include ePolicy enrollment and “Go Paperless” terms. Some companies also reward their customers for being accident-free for three years. Lastly, you can save money on your car insurance premiums by installing a smart home security system or by lowering your monthly payments.

The Go Essential Transactions program started in March 2020. This program provided drivers with 50% off standard auto insurance premiums. It’s now available to all drivers in Colorado, giving people in this position financial relief and helping them navigate the headwinds of the current economy. Go first offered this discount to its Essential Workers in Texas and Colorado, and extended the discount to their families. This is a great way to lower premiums and keep drivers protected while still reducing their monthly payments.

You can also get discounts based on personal traits. Certain types of drivers qualify for discounts based on these traits, but you must check to see if you qualify for any of these benefits. Some companies offer discounts based on your age, driving record, and driving history. The amount you save depends on the type of insurance and the specific terms of your policy. Some agents only specialize in one type of insurance, so make sure to check with your agent before making your decision.


If you’re looking for affordable auto insurance in California, you can get a great deal with the Workman Auto Insurance Company. This company was founded in 1949 and is a part of the Mercury Insurance Group, one of the largest insurance groups in California. The Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company is known for offering many coverage options, low down payments, and affordable insurance rates. Learn more about the benefits of Workman auto insurance rates and how to get started.


When you purchase insurance through Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company, you will receive a wide range of coverage options. These coverage options include SR-22 filings, DUIs, multiple violations, and auto accidents. In addition, you can get discounts from this company by taking advantage of their payment plans or down payment plans. To learn more about the different coverage options available with Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company, contact an AIS Insurance Specialist.