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Northtown Auto Insurance – How a Member Rewards Program Works

northtown auto insurance

A great way to save money on your northtown auto insurance is to enroll in a member rewards program. These programs typically double your savings on your next vehicle purchase and offer free gifts like entrees from your favorite local restaurant. You can even earn $5 for a local nonprofit organization. You may be surprised to find out that you can earn these rewards twice! Read on to find out how it works and why you should become a member!

Members earn 15% of what they spend

Northtown automotive companies reward their loyal customers with exclusive perks, including free gifts for their service department. Free gifts may include entrees at their favorite restaurant, gift certificates to local businesses, and invitations to exclusive events. Members earn points for every dollar they spend at any of their locations. Members can even double the points they earn on the next vehicle they purchase. And because they are such loyal customers, their service department will always put you first.

Members receive free gifts

When you buy a new vehicle from northtown auto insurance, you’ll get lots of incentives, including FREE gifts. Members can receive free entrees at their favorite restaurants or gift certificates to local businesses. These gifts can also double as service discounts for your next purchase. Some companies will even invite you to exclusive events. You’ll always get first priority with these programs. Here’s how they work. Just remember to check out the benefits that these programs offer.