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Insurance Companies in Wichita Falls, TX

insurance companies in wichita falls tx

If you’re looking for insurance companies in Wichita Falls, Texas, there are a few different choices you should make. While GEICO and USAA are the most well-known, there are many others, such as Fred Loya and State Farm. You should research them all before choosing an insurance plan. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


GEICO is a good choice for people who live in Wichita Falls. They offer a variety of auto insurance plans, from the most expensive to the cheapest. The company’s cheapest policy is called The General, and it costs $852 per year. However, you may need more than liability coverage. If you have a history of accidents or traffic violations, you may want to purchase collision or comprehensive coverage.

GEICO offers a variety of policies for different types of drivers. Its policies typically cover your assets, liability, and comprehensive coverage. The company also offers life insurance coverage for military members. The premiums can vary significantly, depending on the amount of coverage you choose. By entering your ZIP code, you can see whether or not you’re paying more than you should be for your insurance.

GEICO’s mascot is a gold dust day gecko with a Cockney accent, voiced by English actor Jake Wood. GEICO’s commercials are aimed at entertainment. Several have featured famous people from sports, including film trailer announcer Don LaFontaine. Another notable feature is the company’s sponsorship of the National Hockey League, and themed commercials often feature the Washington Capitals.

The average cost of auto insurance in Wichita Falls is $1,227 per year, which is slightly lower than the statewide average of $1,415 and the national average of $1,548. By comparing insurance rates, you can save hundreds of dollars every year. And while you’re at it, remember to consider all of your options when shopping for auto insurance.


You may have wondered how much car insurance in Wichita Falls, TX costs. Every state requires drivers to carry at least liability coverage. This type of insurance pays for damages and injuries incurred in auto accidents. A Texas liability policy typically covers $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident. Property damage coverage costs $25,000 per accident. If you’re in Wichita Falls, TX and need auto insurance, USAA is your best option.

While USAA has the lowest minimum coverage policy in Wichita Falls, TX, GEICO is the next best option and offers similar prices. Both GEICO and USAA are affordable, but GEICO has lower rates if you have a history of accidents. However, both companies offer minimal liability coverage that may not be enough to cover a large accident. If you’re in a car accident, you’ll most likely need to increase your coverage to cover the damages.

For more information on USAA, check out its website. They have several locations in the US and plan to open another branch in Charlotte, NC. Their website features a map of their offices. If you have specific questions, call customer service or visit one of their branches. Despite the company’s size, USAA’s website has helpful resources to help you decide if this is the right insurance company for you.

Besides being convenient, USAA’s Wichita Falls location offers competitive rates. Compare rates with other insurers by using an online marketplace. In many cases, comparing quotes is as easy as entering your zip code. In Wichita falls, TX, USAA is the only insurance company that offers all three of these options. By using the online insurance marketplace, you can save time and money.

Fred Loya

If you live in Wichita Falls, Texas, you might be looking for an insurance agent. There are several options available in this area, and you may want to consider Fred Loya Insurance Company. This company specializes in high-risk auto insurance, local renters insurance, and pet insurance. If you live in the Wichita Falls area, you can contact them at the following address and phone number.

To find a Fred Loya Insurance location, search for the company name in your local phone book or online. You’ll find a street address and a list of hours of operation. To reach a Fred Loya Insurance agent in person, call (817) 278-3272 or visit their website. You’ll find a 4.0 Star rating from 74 customers and a website that features an interactive questionnaire.

State Farm

For those who are looking for a reliable insurance provider in Wichita Falls, Texas, State Farm is one of the best options. With a diverse range of insurance products, you can find a policy that fits your specific needs. From individual medical coverage to Medicare supplement plans, State Farm has a policy for you. And if you’re looking to protect your RV or ATV, you’ll find a policy that covers those expenses, too.

In addition to auto and home insurance, State Farm offers renters’ and condominium unitowners’ insurance to protect you against covered losses. Renters’ insurance protects your belongings in the event of theft or damage. Auto insurance with State Farm provides discounts on both auto and home insurance. A State Farm agent can help you determine the best coverage for you. It’s best to compare auto and home insurance quotes from different companies before you decide on a policy.

The cheapest car insurance in Wichita Falls, Texas, is offered by USAA. For example, a 40-year-old male driver can purchase a liability-only insurance policy for $2,084.

Wichita Falls car insurance rates are based on age, marital status, and credit score. Drivers in their fifties pay an average of $1054 per year, while drivers in their sixties pay only $1082. Drivers under the age of 20 can save on car insurance if they celebrate their 20th birthday. In Wichita Falls, Texas, the difference between a driver’s rate and that of a driver in his or her twenties is $1460.


TicketProof car insurance is a way to pay off traffic tickets and speeding fines. The company offers several benefits for its policyholders, including roadside assistance, discounts on attractions and travel, and more. In addition, you can use TicketProof to pay off tickets for red light violations and speeding, as well as other traffic infractions. In Wichita Falls, TX, you can find affordable car insurance by comparing car insurance rates.

Your car insurance rates are largely determined by your driving record. Drivers with clean records will pay the lowest rates. On average, drivers with a single accident or ticket will pay around $60 a month. However, accidents and tickets can drive up your monthly bill by a considerable amount. To avoid this, get your car insured by an affordable, TicketProof company in Wichita Falls, TX.

Auto insurance rates in Wichita Falls, TX vary widely. The average driver in the city pays $1,227 annually, which is 6% less than the statewide average in Texas and the national average of $1,508. To compare auto insurance rates in Wichita Falls, TX, enter your age and marital status. You can then compare rates and choose the best policy for your needs.