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Insurance Companies in Minot, ND

insurance companies minot nd

There are several insurance companies in Minot, ND. The most popular ones are Progressive, Allstate, State Farm, American Family, and USAA. These companies offer excellent rates to veterans and military personnel. Your choice of the right insurance provider will depend on your needs and demographics. While you are required to have minimum liability insurance in Minot, this does not cover you if you are at fault in an accident. You must have more than just liability coverage to be legally covered.


The best insurance provider in Minot, North Dakota is the same one that has the lowest monthly premium. This is because the average cost of premium is around $150 a month. But the cost of a policy can vary from person to person, depending on the company. When deciding on a car insurance provider, consider their financial stability and customer service. Nationwide and GEICO both have the highest insurance quotes and ICS scores, so they are worth considering.

The cheapest full-coverage insurance in Minot, ND costs as low as $96 a month. However, it will vary depending on the area where you live. Check out the table below to see which cars are affordable in Minot, ND. The Subaru Impreza costs the least to insure each year, while the Chevrolet Malibu costs the most. The table below provides quotes for different car models.

While your zip code may affect your premium, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your zip code doesn’t affect it. Insurers base their rates on your driving history, which is typically one to three years. By educating yourself about these factors, you can make the best decision for your situation. There are numerous insurance companies in Minot, ND that offer competitive rates. Moreover, you will never find a better deal for your car insurance.

You can save money on auto insurance in Minot by using policy discounts. You may qualify for savings if you have home and auto insurance with the same company, are claim-free, or use electronic billing. All of these discounts could result in savings as high as $226 per year for the average driver. Further, you can reduce the cost of coverage by removing unneeded coverages. There are also several ways to save money on insurance, and you can use these tips.

You can protect your Minot home with homeowners insurance. State Farm also offers condo insurance, which protects your condominium from fire and theft. Combined with auto insurance, renters insurance can protect your personal items. All of these policies can be combined to create a comprehensive plan that protects you and your belongings. If you own a car, consider adding renters insurance for extra peace of mind.

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There are several ways to save money on car insurance in Minot, North Dakota. The best way to do so is to shop around for quotes. In Minot, you can find competitive rates and a large range of coverage options from different insurance companies. Many car insurance providers have great military discounts, which can lead to a lower premium. If you are a veteran, you can get a discount from GEICO by signing up for their auto insurance plan.

State Farm in Minot, North Dakota can protect your home. They offer homeowners insurance, which will cover any damage caused by weather or non-weather accidents. They also offer condo insurance, which will protect your unit from fire or theft. You can also get renters insurance, which will protect your personal property. Renters insurance is a good option to combine with your auto insurance to provide a complete coverage plan for your property.

Collision insurance pays for damages caused by another driver if you hit them. Comprehensive coverage is optional, but may be worth looking into if you own an older vehicle. For drivers who rarely drive, usage-based insurance may be more affordable. Depending on how much you drive, it might be better to get a lower deductible to save money. Comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by natural disasters, including earthquakes and tornadoes. If you’re a high-mileage driver, consider a policy that pays for damages caused by theft or vandalism.

If you’re in North Dakota, you’ll find several Medicare Supplement plans to choose from. While Medicare covers a large portion of expenses, it doesn’t cover everything, so a Minot, North Dakota Medicare Supplement plan will cover some of those expenses. North Dakota Medicare supplement plans are available through the same health insurance companies as before. However, the coverage and benefits of Medicare Supplement plans differ from one another.

North Dakota businesses can also benefit from Business Income Insurance, which replaces income lost due to covered property loss. This policy can be tailored to cover ongoing costs, such as payroll and monthly operating expenses. It is important to note that while many businesses have an expensive physical location and tools to serve customers, business income insurance will help to keep them running. The income that they can generate may not be enough to cover all their expenses.


Many homeowners can take advantage of discounts offered by insurance companies in Minot, ND. For instance, a newly constructed home can save you as much as $349 on homeowners insurance. This is because new homes have fewer chances to suffer damage. In Minot, homeowners can also take advantage of discounts by installing a fence around their swimming pool. Senior citizens and non-smokers can also qualify for substantial discounts on their home insurance policies.

It is important to shop around frequently to find the best deal on your insurance policy. Rates change frequently in Minot, ND, so switching auto insurance companies can help you save money. Some insurance companies offer incentives for switching policies. After a few months, check to see if you still qualify for these incentives. If not, switch back to your old carrier. It is important to shop around at least once every six months for auto insurance coverage to ensure that you are still receiving the best rates.

In Minot, ND, a 20-year-old driver can save as much as $226 a year by choosing a lower deductible. If a 20-year-old driver chooses a $250 deductible, their insurance costs will be nearly the same as that of a thirty-year-old. The cheapest car insurance in Minot is a small SUV, so removing unnecessary coverage can save a lot of money on your auto insurance policy.

While full-coverage car insurance in Minot, ND can cost anywhere from $1182 to $2270 per year, rates will differ. However, full-coverage car insurance can cost as little as $130 per month. A Nissan Titan or a GMC Sierra 3500 will cost you about $1,562 a year or more. In addition, it’s important to understand that your car insurance costs will vary depending on what kind of coverage you choose and the company you choose.

Average car insurance rates in Minot, ND range from $92 to $251 a month, with the lowest priced model costing around $1152. In comparison, a Hyundai Veloster will cost you $1368 per year. A Chevrolet Malibu will cost you $1382 per year. And the Toyota Prius will cost you an average of $1308 per year. This is a very reasonable price for a compact crossover!

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State Farm is an excellent choice for homeowners insurance in Minot, ND. You can get comprehensive coverage that protects your home from weather-related and non-weather-related events. In addition to homeowners insurance, State Farm offers condo and renters insurance that protects your personal property in the event of theft or fire. This type of insurance is often combined with auto insurance from State Farm to protect your home and valuables.

When looking for car insurance, remember that the cost of premiums will vary significantly by company. In Minot, ND, the average premium per car is $150 per month. Although cheap premiums are important, the Insurify Composite Score (ICS) of insurance companies reveals how reliable they are. The best insurance companies in Minot, ND have the highest average insurance quotes and the highest ICS scores.

Choosing an insurance company in Minot should be based on the coverage and cost of coverage that you need. While there may not be bumper-to-bumper traffic on Minot’s roads, the city’s small-town feel and thriving economy make it an ideal place to live and work. Nationwide’s online tool calculator will help you customize your coverage so that you have peace of mind.

In Minot, ND, Horace Mann Insurance Co. is a local company that primarily operates in the Insurance Agents, nec industry. It has been around for 3 years and earns $55,855 per year from its single location. It has 4 employees. You can find more contact information for insurance companies in Minot, ND at Horace Mann Insurance Co., a popular insurance company in the area.