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How to Get the Best Price on Dodge Avenger Insurance

dodge avenger insurance

When buying a car, it’s important to know the exact price of Dodge Avenger insurance, as it varies depending on a variety of factors. These factors include the vehicle’s trim level, engine size, and driver location. Read on to learn how to get the best rate on your insurance policy. Also, remember to check the mileage of your vehicle as this may affect the amount you pay. You may also want to consider the amount of coverage you need.

Cost of car insurance

The average cost of a Dodge Avenger car insurance policy is about $1,300 per year. The cost of full coverage is around $1,668 per year, while liability-only coverage costs $669, or $56 per month. Young drivers are typically the most expensive drivers, paying a high rate of $6,097 per year, or $508 per month. If you’re a good driver, you can save up to $688 per year by choosing to purchase liability-only coverage.

When comparing the cost of Dodge Avenger car insurance, remember that older models are typically cheaper to insure. Comprehensive coverage also pays for damage caused by non-collision accidents, and it’s often required by lenders. The average rate for a forty-year-old driver with no violations is $1,284, compared to $2,514 for a 20-year-old driver with no violations. Several factors also play a part in the cost of insurance for a Dodge Avenger, including where you live. If you’re in a high-risk area, your insurance policy will cost more. For example, a driver in Chicago can pay $364 more per year than a driver in New York, despite driving a much safer vehicle.

Whether or not to opt for collision coverage will depend on a few factors. In most cases, collision coverage will cover damages caused by a collision. It will cover the repairs if the driver crashes his car into a moving vehicle, tree, or guard rail. However, collision coverage is expensive and requires a high deductible. Therefore, drivers should consider increasing their deductible if they want to save money on their car insurance rates.

A Dodge Avenger is a mid-size four-door sedan. This means it is an ideal vehicle for insurance because it has a higher safety rating than smaller sedans. It also offers more safety than a standard sedan, which can sometimes cause more damage in an accident. This is because smaller cars are not large enough to withstand the impact. If you’re looking for car insurance for a Dodge Avenger, use The Zebra to find the lowest rates for the model you own.

Engine type

The Dodge Avenger is a midsize American sedan that first hit the market in 2008. It replaced the Chrysler Stratus and was introduced as a 2008 model. The Chrysler Avenger’s success was due in part to its combination of classic styling, advanced technologies, and reasonable price. It was a serious competitor in the front-wheel-drive segment and has since been updated with sophisticated facelifts. Despite its low price and high performance, the Avenger has remained a top-rated choice for performance enthusiasts.

The interior is unobtrusive, yet comfortable. The cabin of the Avenger feels retro, while most midsize cars are trying to emulate the look and feel of luxury sedans. It is a quiet, comfortable space, with everything in its proper place. Even the controls are easily accessible, with little effort on the part of the driver. The redesigned dashboard is simple and functional, with easy-to-navigate controls and a convenient center console.

The Avenger’s standard four-cylinder engine is 173 horsepower, with an EPA-rated 20/31 mpg City/Highway. It is fast and feels athletic, but is not overly powerful. A turbocharged four-cylinder will cost more, but will save fuel and help you get around more efficiently. But if you’re in the market for a turbocharged four-cylinder, the Avenger is a good option.

The Dodge Avenger is available with two different engine types. The base engine is a 2.4-liter GEMA I4 naturally aspirated “World Engine,” a joint venture between the two automakers. Its V6 version can go up to 3.5 liters and is the same size as the Mitsubishi Galant. It is also available with a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine made by Volkswagen.

The Avenger’s ride and handling performance are equally good. The Avenger’s suspension has been retuned for the 2011 model year to improve steering precision and increase grip. The front end is still stiffer, and wider tires improve handling and grip. It is best for highway use and if you’re driving in rougher terrain and want a little more control. It’s a good choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the open road.

Engine capacity

The Dodge Avenger is Chrysler’s midsize family sedan. The standard 2.4-liter engine is rated at 173 horsepower and is good for 20/31 mpg city/highway. The car’s wheelbase is 108.9 inches, and its length is 190.9 inches. The car’s EPA fuel economy rating is excellent, and it scores well in crash tests. Its engine and transmission are both reliable, and the EPA recommends it for families.

The Avenger has a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with a DDI and dual variable valve timing. It generates 173 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 166 lb-ft of torque at 4400 rpm. This engine is more fuel efficient than some of its competitors, and it uses modern technology such as a twin-cam design and 16-valve aluminum alloy. The engine is paired to a four-speed automatic transmission and has a torque distribution that makes it easy to shift gears.

The Dodge Avenger is available in several different body styles and engine/transmission configurations. The basic model comes standard with a 2.4-liter, 173-horsepower I4 engine, matched with a four-speed automatic transmission. It is equipped with manual air conditioning, power windows, power mirrors, a four-speaker audio system, cruise control, a rear-window defroster, and 17-inch steel wheels with plastic covers. It also comes with options such as a navigation system, SiriusXM satellite radio subscription, and an engine-block heater.

Despite its low horsepower rating, the base four-cylinder engine is refined and offers plenty of power for the sedan class. The optional V6 offers some of the highest horsepower ratings in the segment, though the six-speed automatic transmission is slow to downshift. Although the Avenger’s ride and handling are smooth and nimble, the NVHD’s suspension is not so predictable. Most test drivers report that the Avenger rides well and stays composed on curves. Its performance is also excellent, especially in the R/T trim.

Driver location

Getting a car insurance quote for a Dodge Avenger is relatively easy, but you must keep in mind that the cost of insurance is highly dependent on your driving record. As a general rule, if you’ve been a safe driver, you’ll pay less in the long run. Some insurance providers offer discounts to drivers with no claims in the last three years. Also, compare rates from different companies. This is possible with a local agent or through alternative online resources like the insurance information institute.

Dodge Avenger insurance rates vary widely based on risk profile and driver age. Typically, the rates for a driver aged 40 and with no traffic violations are $1,506 a year. However, if the driver has a history of tickets and violations, he or she could be charged $3,260 for their insurance policy. Additionally, policy rates for sixteen-year-old drivers can reach $5,618. Some insurers require drivers to file financial responsibility information.

Age and insurance groups play an important role in determining the cost of car insurance, but a driver’s location is the biggest factor. Although these factors aren’t as significant for other car insurance premiums, they do affect the cost of premiums. The average Dodge Avenger insurance quote for a driver in the same age range as the driver’s age and gender. Those factors combined with the features of a car can make the difference in premiums.

Driving habits are another factor that can influence car insurance rates. You’ll want to make sure your driving habits are as safe as possible. Using a service that will give you a quote based on your driving habits is a good idea. By getting a quote for a Dodge Avenger insurance, you’ll be on your way to driving in a safe and comfortable manner. You’ll be glad you did!