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How to Compare Auto Owners Insurance in Birmingham, AL

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In Birmingham, Alabama, you can compare car insurance policies from different companies. GEICO, Auto-Owners, and more all have different prices, but you’ll need to be aware of the coverage levels, limits, and deductibles. To compare the different companies, you can visit MoneyGeek and compare the rates of different insurance policies. You’ll find that auto insurance premiums vary widely depending on a variety of factors, including location, driving record, and type of coverage.

Budgeting for auto insurance in Birmingham

In addition to your age and driving record, you should consider factors like your gender and marital status when budgeting for auto insurance in Birmingham, Alabama. Single drivers pay more than married or widowed drivers. But do you really need more insurance? The average Birmingham driver pays $8 more than married drivers – or less than a widowed person. Even though the gap between the two is small, it is important to know how to calculate your premium.

While Alabama requires drivers to carry at least 25/50/25 liability insurance, it is not enough to cover every aspect of an accident. Even if you’re at fault, you’ll likely have to pay more than this amount if you’re in an accident. For example, if you’re at fault, your policy will cover only twenty-five percent of the other party’s medical expenses. Then, if you hit someone and they have no insurance, the other driver’s insurance coverage will cover all costs incurred by the collision.

Renters’ insurance is an excellent way to protect your belongings. This insurance protects you from losses that occur to your home due to fire, weather, or sudden accidents. You may also wish to purchase renters’ insurance for your personal possessions. A State Farm agent can help you choose an affordable policy for you. It may be best to combine these types of insurance, too, to maximize the benefits of your coverage.

Another factor to consider is your commute. If you commute twenty miles each way, the same insurance company may offer a policy that costs less than a one-hundred-mile commute. A ten-mile commute may save you more than a hundred dollars with USAA and Geico, respectively. But commute times don’t matter nearly as much as the other factors. Your age and driving history are other factors that affect your rate.

If you plan on renting a car in Birmingham, Alabama, make sure you choose the Collision Damage Waiver option. Make sure your CDW policy has zero excess, meaning you won’t be responsible for paying part of the repair costs. Fortunately, most CDW providers write off the excess amount from your deposit. However, you can never be too safe. The key is to choose a policy that fits your budget and your needs.

When it comes to your budget, make sure you look into all the details that will impact your coverage. You can get a better deal by bundling your policies. You can also get discounts for bundling your policies. If you have a good credit score, you can even get a lower premium by raising your deductible. This will save you money if you need to make a claim. This is one of the most important aspects when budgeting for auto insurance in Birmingham, Alabama.


When comparing car insurance companies in Birmingham, AL, look at the factors that affect the cost of coverage. A number of factors go into calculating the rate you will pay for coverage, including your age, gender, driving history, and credit score. Each insurer uses its own internal scoring system to determine the weighting of these factors, and one driver may end up with a completely different rate than another. Fortunately, GEICO auto insurance Birmingham, AL rates are on the low end of the scale.

GEICO auto insurance in Birmingham, AL is the cheapest option, and the cost of state minimum liability coverage is as low as $375 per year. However, drivers with a history of speeding tickets should consider Allstate coverage, which is on average $945 per year. Military families may be better off with USAA, which is less expensive than GEICO. Overall, Auto-Owners Insurance Co. is the best option for people looking to balance customer service and price when searching for car insurance in Birmingham.

The cost of car insurance is largely dependent on many factors, such as the type of vehicle you drive and its value. You should check several different quotes to see which one suits your needs the best. The rates are dynamic and will update as new information becomes available. They are based on a representative driver profile (a 30-year-old male with a Honda Accord) and adjusted for common factors that affect pricing.

GEICO offers excellent customer service and affordable premiums for residents of Birmingham, AL. Their rates are low, and they offer extensive discounts for good drivers, multi-policy holders, and those in the military. However, the company ranks slightly below the industry average in a J.D. Power survey. Their financial strength rating is A++. You can use the comparison tool below to compare prices between Geico auto insurance and Auto Owners.

Whether you’re shopping for car insurance in Birmingham, AL or home or renters insurance, GEICO auto owners insurance is an excellent choice. In addition to offering low-cost rates, GEICO auto insurance in Birmingham, AL can also tailor a policy to fit your specific needs and budget. This is especially useful when you’re shopping for insurance for your home, renters, or motorcycle. A few minutes of research can lead to the perfect insurance provider.

Young drivers are the highest risk group for car insurance in Birmingham, AL. Since their experience is still in their infancy, it’s crucial that they compare prices to find the lowest premium. Geico auto insurance in Birmingham, AL is among the lowest in the state. Geico has an average premium of $1,209 annually and an average monthly premium of $101.


Before obtaining an auto insurance policy, consider how many traffic violations you have. If you have more than one, consider working to repair your record and obtaining more affordable auto insurance Birmingham AL. Then, compare quotes from several car insurance companies to see which one has the best overall value. Car insurance providers consider many factors, including your age, gender, driving record, and driving history. If you have a recent violation, consider getting a better rate from a different insurance company.

For an older car, you may be better off with state minimum auto insurance. For a full coverage policy, however, you may end up paying more than the value of your vehicle. Alternatively, if you’re a military family, you can consider purchasing a cheaper auto insurance policy from USAA. Auto-Owners Insurance Birmingham Al is MoneyGeek’s top pick due to its balance between cost and customer service.

Auto-Owners Insurance is a Fortune 500 company with more than 4 million policyholders nationwide. Founded in 1916, it is the 17th largest property and casualty insurer in the U.S., with over five thousand employees. In addition, the company has won numerous awards for its “No Problem” claims service. A.M. Best has classified Auto-Owners as a “Great Place to Work” and has received numerous awards for their customer service.

In this case, Auto-Owners filed a lawsuit against American Central Insurance Company for declaratory judgment. The lawsuit sought to establish the duties of the insurance carrier under the homeowner’s and umbrella policies. The policyholders sought to hold that American Central owed primary liability coverage and full reimbursement for defense costs and defense of Emmette Barran III. After deciding that the policyholders were not properly compensated for the damages, Auto-Owners filed an appeal in federal court.