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How Much Does Valtrex Cost With Insurance?

how much does valtrex cost with insurance

If you’re wondering how much Valtrex costs with insurance, read on for tips on how to save money while taking your prescription. Valtrex is available through insurance companies in many forms, but you must check the benefits of your policy to find out the specific cost of your prescription. While the price of Valtrex with insurance may vary, it can be less than the cost you’d pay without insurance.

Cost of valtrex without insurance

The cost of Valtrex without insurance can vary widely from one pharmacy to the next, depending on the drug and your health insurance plan. You can also ask your local pharmacist for the cost of the prescription without insurance. If you can’t find coverage, you can also save money on this treatment with a SingleCare Valtrex prescription discount card. This card can be used at any pharmacy and may save you up to 50% on the cost of Valtrex.

Valtrex is available as a generic, which is a copy of the active drug contained in the brand name. Generic versions are just as effective, but are much less expensive. Before switching to a generic version, however, you should consult your doctor. Some doctors prefer one brand over another, and insurance companies cover only one version. To avoid being scammed, you should always consult with your doctor before switching.