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How Much Does Ford Transit Insurance Cost?

ford transit insurance cost

How much does Ford Transit insurance cost? Your insurance premium depends on several factors. For example, you may be required to have higher coverage in some states, like Michigan. Other states, such as Massachusetts and Hawaii, do not allow rate adjustments based on your credit score. Some states offer multi-vehicle discounts, which can save you money on your insurance premiums. Here are some tips for getting the lowest Ford Transit insurance cost.


The gender of a driver can greatly affect the cost of car insurance. For example, a twenty-year-old male pays $3,058 annually for car insurance versus a female’s $2,268. In other words, women pay $790 less than men for the same amount of coverage. The price difference between men and women is much smaller when you consider the discounts available. Age is also a big factor in determining car insurance cost, with females paying less than men once they’re fifty-years-old.


Ford Transit insurance rates depend on the model year of your van. For example, a 2014 model costs more to insure than a 2022 model. If you don’t use your van frequently, deleting collision and comprehensive coverage will lower your annual premium by about $684. This savings depends on the deductibles you choose for each coverage, and the age of the rated driver. It may also make sense to drop physical damage coverage altogether if your Transit is older. You may find that the costs of physical damage coverage outweigh the benefits.

Your premium for Ford Transit insurance will depend on many factors. Your age, gender, and vehicle’s features will all play a role in determining your monthly premium. If you are younger and single, you may want to consider a multi-vehicle discount as it can save you money on your insurance. Also, remember to shop around and compare rates between insurers, as you may find a cheaper rate if you have multiple vehicles.

Teenage drivers are a high risk group. As such, your Ford Transit insurance premiums will be higher. However, if you’re older, or even if you have a young family, your insurance rates will be lower. While teenagers are often considered high risk drivers, seniors will enjoy lower premiums. You’ll need to compare insurance rates to determine the right policy for you. The Zebra is a free tool that allows you to collect personalized quotes for your Ford Transit van insurance.

If you’re buying a Ford Transit van, make sure it has full coverage and collision insurance. Comprehensive coverage pays for damages caused by an accident, and collision coverage helps you pay for repairs. Comprehensive coverage also includes medical coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, and disability insurance. The latter is a good choice for many drivers. You’ll want to be protected for the best price. Your Ford Transit insurance premium should be competitive.

Non-secure parking

If you own a Ford Transit van, you should take extra precautions while parking it. Most of the Ford Transit van owners do not have a secured parking spot. That is why the insurance cost for your van will include the cost of non-secure parking. If you live in a city with many public parking spaces, you should also consider purchasing an extra insurance plan for your van. If you park your van in an unsecure parking spot, your policy may not cover the damages caused by theft or vandalism.

Liability insurance

There are several factors to consider when comparing the cost of Ford Transit liability insurance. In Michigan, for example, insurance premiums are required to be higher for some vehicles. Additionally, in California, Massachusetts, and Hawaii, credit score is not taken into account when determining a policy rate. Nevertheless, if you have multiple vehicles, you might be able to receive significant savings if you combine your policies. The Zebra makes this process easy and hassle-free.

Depending on the Ford Transit model and its trim level, liability insurance may cost as much as $1,544 per year. Full coverage costs $619, while liability-only insurance costs $52. However, young drivers tend to pay the highest rates, which can run into the hundreds of dollars per year. For this reason, good drivers should take a defensive driving course or join a professional organization. The average driver could save as much as $262 a year on liability insurance for Ford Transit, which is not bad at all.

To determine how much your Ford Transit insurance will cost, you can search online for quotes. You can enter the exact model of your van into a search engine and get quotes for different vehicles. Generally speaking, the cheapest Ford Transit van is the XL Low Roof Long 2WD. However, if you’re looking for the most affordable van, you should select the XLT High Roof Extended AWD model. A Ford Transit liability insurance rate of $1,536 per year puts it in the top six for affordable insurance in its segment.

The Ford Transit Wagon is a high-performance vehicle with a powerful engine. Because of this, insurance companies consider it as a higher-risk vehicle and increase premium rates. Depending on your location, age, and driving history, your premiums could vary by as much as $665 a year. While the Ford Transit Wagon’s high-performance engine makes it less expensive than some other vans, it is still important to make sure your vehicle is adequately insured.

Premium quality

The Ford Transit ranks as the sixth most affordable van in the large van class for insurance affordability. It costs $1,536 per year, compared to the segment average of $1,378. However, the price is a good indication of the overall affordability of the vehicle. Compared to its competition, the Transit costs $402 less per year to insure than comparable vans. In addition, Ford Transit insurance premiums are lower for older vehicles than for newer ones.

The cost of premiums for Ford Transit car insurance varies from state to state. Some states require higher coverage levels while others do not. Your age, gender and vehicle features will play a large role in the premium you pay. The Ford Transit T-250 comes in several trim levels. Higher-end trims may have more premium features and a higher monthly premium. The Zebra can help you get personalized quotes for the Ford Transit you drive.

Premium quality Ford Transit insurance includes liability, collision, comprehensive, and medical coverage. Coverage costs vary depending on your driving history and the number of miles you drive in a year. Check with your insurance agent to determine the cost of premiums in your state. The base price of a 2017 Ford Transit is $23,010.