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How Much Does a Univista Insurance Franchise Cost?

The UniVista Insurance Company was founded in 2009 in Miami and currently has 122 locations throughout Florida. They also have three call centers in California and are growing their client base in California. The company’s 2018 revenue totaled $76 million and they expect that number to increase by 25 percent this year. The franchise cost varies, but there are three basic components that can be considered when determining the franchise cost. For more information, read on!

Unbiased pricing

Many entrepreneurs are wondering how much UniVista insurance franchise cost. The answer is affordable. A UniVista insurance franchise offers training and cutting-edge technology. They also help franchisees get started and provide ongoing support. The franchise cost is $49,750. You’ll get the support and training you need to grow your business, and will be able to offer your clients unbiased pricing and excellent service.

Phased investment plan

There are several factors to consider when evaluating the Univista insurance franchise cost. For one, the company focuses on targeting the Hispanic community and is highly competitive in its field. Its agents are paid based on quality control and not for selling bad policies. The company has a 91 percent policy renewal rate, and has plans to expand its operations to other states in the near future. For another, the franchise cost is affordable and the company invests heavily in quality control.

One of the main factors that may influence the cost of UniVista insurance franchise is the initial investment. Franchisees are required to invest a total of $10,000 to start their business. This investment includes all of the insurance and taxes, but is spread out over a period of time. Another factor is the fact that UniVista provides cutting-edge technology and training. Franchisees also benefit from the prestige and countless satisfied clients.

Training provided

The UniVista insurance franchise is a high-volume, multi-level marketing company that focuses on the Hispanic community. It offers an extensive range of products and services at lower prices than the competition, as well as personalized 24-hour service and 12-month auto policies. This high-quality franchise training emphasizes quality control and the development of customer relationships. The company also invests heavily in developing data on its prospective clients to ensure they receive the best possible coverage.

UniVista Insurance Company was founded in Miami in 2009 by Ivan and Ania Herrera. Today, the company operates 122 offices in Florida and three call centers in California. The company has a thriving clientele in California and plans to expand across the country. The insurance company reported $76 million in revenue in 2018 and expects to double that amount in 2019.