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Go Auto Insurance – A Review of Go Auto Insurance in Shreveport, LA

go auto insurance shreveport

When you’re looking for insurance in Shreveport, LA, you may have come across several companies, including Go Auto Insurance. They are a local company with a 7020 Youree Drive address. In addition, the company is also affiliated with Bromell Agency, National General Insurance, and Esurance. If you’re not sure which company to choose, read this article to learn more about the pros and cons of each.

Go Auto Insurance in Shreveport LA

If you are looking for a car insurance company in Shreveport, Louisiana, look no further than Bromell Agency, Inc. This family-owned car insurance agency strives to educate its customers on the proper insurance coverage for their needs. Dave Ramsey has even endorsed the agency’s Rosy Bromell, and they have an office in Ruston as well. Whether you are shopping for car insurance online or in person, Bromell Agency, Inc., is sure to have an insurance company to fit your needs.

The address of this auto insurance company is 7020 Youree Drive, Shreveport, LA 71105. There are 64 customer reviews of this insurance company. Its insurance agent has extensive knowledge of auto insurance. Customers can get a free quote online or call the business to discuss their needs. Freeway Insurance is another company located in Shreveport, LA. Both have good ratings, with 3.6 stars.

While Louisiana state law requires you to have car insurance, you may want to look into other options. A minimum liability policy only fulfills the legal requirements for driving, and may not be enough to cover any major accident expenses. Minimum coverage does not cover collision and comprehensive insurance, and is not designed to cover damages to your own car. On the other hand, it costs $227 less a month than a full coverage policy.


The average cost of auto insurance in Shreveport, LA is $164 a month, per driver. With a little bit of comparison shopping, drivers can save up to 50% on their premiums and pay as low as $61/mo for coverage. Listed below are the top auto insurance companies in the Shreveport, LA area. If you’re looking for cheap auto insurance, Southern Farm Bureau, State Farm, and Liberty Mutual all offer affordable coverage at affordable rates.

To save on your monthly insurance payment, you can reduce your annual mileage. According to a recent survey, 75% of Shreveport residents drive their own cars to and from work. Reducing your mileage will save you anywhere from three to four percent, but it will take thousands of miles off your odometer to make that possible. The best way to make real savings on your policy is to drive your vehicle for personal purposes only, not for business. Insured business vehicles cost 11% more than those for personal use, and you can reduce your monthly bill by raising your deductible.

In the past five years, the number of policyholders looking for auto insurance has decreased significantly. In fact, 25 percent of policyholders have looked for a new insurer. However, Esurance has grown in terms of policies and premiums, though it has seen some underwriting losses, including $44 million in the fourth quarter alone. Underwriting losses are losses an insurer incurs when the premiums paid aren’t enough to cover expenses. By evaluating your policy and paying attention to the fine print, you can save money while ensuring you’re getting the best coverage possible.

The most effective way to save money on car insurance in Louisiana is to drive safely. By following safe driving practices and being an exemplary driver, you can save money on your car insurance premiums in Louisiana. Furthermore, if you’ve been in an accident recently, you’ll have less chances of being liable than in a car insurance in New Orleans. So, driving safely and responsibly will save you money on your premiums.

National General Insurance

The average premium for car insurance in Shreveport is $1,791, and the state average is $3,041 – a difference of 41.1%. Shreveport drivers pay a higher average premium than Americans overall. Of course, these averages are only an average – you may pay more for your insurance in one zip code than another. And the costs will vary even more depending on your age, location, and driving record.

You can find the right amount of coverage by looking at your zip code. The average insurance rates in Shreveport vary depending on where you live, and zip codes have different crime rates and other risks. If you live in a high-crime area, you should take steps to keep your car in a secure garage or gated building. Tell your insurance agent about any measures you take to prevent car theft, and he or she will provide you with a quote accordingly.

Bromell Agency

The Bromell Agency, Inc. is a family-owned auto insurance agency in Shreveport that aims to educate its clients on how to properly select insurance coverage. The company’s dedication to client service has earned it the recognition of Dave Ramsey and Endorsed Local Provider status, and its owner, Rosy Bromell, has been recognized as an Endorsed Local Provider. The agency also has offices in Ruston, Louisiana.

If you’re looking for auto insurance in Shreveport, LA, the State Farm agency is the best choice. They offer great discounts and flexible payment plans. Unlike some other insurance agencies, State Farm offers low car insurance rates that are affordable for any budget. The agency also provides auto insurance in Shreveport for people with a low credit score. For a more comprehensive insurance policy, State Farm is the next-best option.

ABC Insurance Agencies is another great choice for auto insurance in Shreveport, LA. This agency represents several top insurance companies, including Safeco and Geico. Choosing from among these companies can be an easy task – their agents will work with you to find the best insurance coverage for your car. The agency is located at 6116 Line Avenue, Shreveport, LA. Customers can visit them to get free car insurance quotes.