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Finding the Best Auto Insurance in Columbus, IN

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Auto insurance Columbus, IN, is essential. It covers your vehicle, medical payments, and other expenses in the event of an accident. The best companies in Ohio for car insurance are State Farm, GEICO, Esurance, Westfield, and others. Here are some tips to help you find the best policy for your car. You may also find helpful information on different insurance companies online. If you need car insurance in Columbus, IN, get quotes from all of these companies.

State Farm

When you’re looking for Columbus auto insurance, State Farm has a variety of options. It offers auto insurance, home insurance, and even renters insurance. If you live in a condo, you may want to consider renters insurance to cover your belongings. These policies are designed for both homeowners and renters, and they combine with car insurance to offer you excellent protection. Contact Jack Gilkerson, a State Farm insurance agent, today to learn more about these options.

State Farm provides auto insurance in Columbus, OH for many people. Its policies cover everything from rental car coverage to motorcycle insurance to collector car insurance. If you’re looking for a comprehensive insurance plan, you’ll be glad to know that State Farm also offers a variety of affordable health insurance plans. Jack Gilkerson can help you determine what kind of policy will suit your needs, and can provide you with several different quotes.

The company also provides life insurance for individuals, which can help them cover debts, mortgages, and college costs. It can also protect your family’s future. If you’re considering getting life insurance, Jack Gilkerson can help you choose a policy that suits your needs and budget. He’ll help you get a free quote online today, so you can start making plans right away. While you’re comparing quotes, ask about discounts and coverage options.


If you’re looking for car insurance in Columbus, OH, you should consider GEICO. They have a great reputation for providing excellent service at affordable rates. Additionally, you’ll be glad to know that GEICO has local insurance agents throughout the state. By working with a local agent, you’ll be able to take advantage of discounts and special protections. GEICO has many discounts for military and professional organizations, so make sure to ask about them when you’re shopping for auto insurance in Columbus.

GEICO offers several types of car insurance policies that go beyond the minimum state requirements. There are comprehensive, collision, medical, and uninsured motorist coverage, and specialized policies are designed to meet specific needs. The amount of coverage you’ll need will depend on your driving habits, financial situation, and other factors. If you’re unsure about how much coverage you need, you can read more about each type of policy through the Insurify website.

Premiums will vary depending on your ZIP code. People living in ZIP code 31909 will pay an average of $1252 per year for full coverage. Those in ZIP code 31907 and above will pay $1265 per year for full coverage. You should also consider what your car is worth, as full coverage policies can be costly. GEICO and USAA are both affordable options for military members. However, the most expensive insurance company in Columbus is Esurance, which costs $991 annually. You can get minimum coverage for less than GEICO, but it will not include collision or comprehensive insurance.


If you’re looking for car insurance in Columbus, Ohio, you can save money on Esurance’s rates by comparing prices in different zip codes. Insurance rates are correlated with credit scores, and drivers in Columbus with “fair” credit can save as much as $58% annually on their insurance. This makes them the top pick for those with bad credit. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance in Columbus, check out these tips.

Esurance was founded in 1998 and quickly rose to become one of the leading providers in the US automobile insurance market. As a green-conscious company, Esurance advertised its environmental efforts and offered online quotes from competing insurance companies. While the company was originally limited to four states, it has since expanded to 43. It was purchased by Allstate in October 2011.

With headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, State Auto Financial Corporation is a super regional property and casualty holding company. This company is part of the Trusted Choice(r) program, which aims to recognize companies that demonstrate exceptional customer service. It also offers home insurance, with a simplified signup process that eliminates paper signatures. Meanwhile, Wellington Insurance Group offers residential property insurance and is backed by a few reputable names in the industry.

Fortunately, Esurance also offers emergency roadside assistance and towing and labor coverage for drivers who need help. This coverage can help you avoid the stress of an uninsured motorist and pay for tire changes, gas tank fills, and even medical bills. In addition to these, Esurance also offers discounts based on your driving habits and details of your policy. While not all discounts are offered everywhere, they can save you money on your car insurance.


When it comes to auto insurance in Columbus, IN, you may not have heard of Westfield before. This group includes banking and insurance companies. But, the company is an innovator, embracing change and innovation. Here are some of the benefits of choosing this company. Here’s a closer look at the company’s products and services. You may want to check out their podcast, Closing the Gap. Listen to it to learn more about insurance agent experiences.

Whether you’re searching for auto insurance in Columbus, IN or elsewhere, you’ll find that Westfield has a wide range of options to meet your needs. Among their other features are a low naic rating, high customer satisfaction ratings, and flexible work hours. And because the company has a loyal customer base, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with Westfield. It’s hard to find a better company in the Columbus, IN area.

Am Best is the oldest rating company in the world and has been in business for over 125 years. Its ratings and reviews reflect how a company’s financial strength and solvency stack up against others. These ratings are based on a comprehensive analysis of the company’s profile and performance. This helps you make an informed decision. Additionally, the company has an A.M. Best financial stability rating, which shows that it has the capital to cover claims.

Comer Insurance Agency

When it comes to insurance, one of the best options for residents of Columbus is the Comer-owned agency. This independent agency offers car insurance policies that cover liability, medical expenses, and property damage liabilities. Founded in 2006, Heyward quickly became one of the top agents nationwide with more than 2,500 clients and $2 million in written insurance premiums. Now, he works with multiple insurance carriers to offer clients coverage options that are right for them.

The company’s founder, Harold Comer, started his career in the insurance industry as a Claims Adjuster. He eventually established the Comer Insurance Agency in 1972, making insurance affordable for anyone. His vision was to offer good coverage at a low rate, and he succeeded. In 2013, Harold Comer retired from the agency and passed the business to his son, Rex Comer. Rex Comer started working as an agent in 1991 and eventually joined his father’s agency as a management position.

Wichert Insurance

If you’re looking for auto insurance in Columbus, IN, you’ve come to the right place. Wichert Insurance is an independent agency with an exemplary record in the area. In addition to offering comprehensive and collision coverage on your car, they also provide coverage for off-road vehicles and watercrafts. They also offer commercial auto and managed liability for employed drivers, and have been serving Columbus residents for over 55 years.

Another local insurance agency in the area is Heyward Group LLC, a local, independent insurance company. Heyward Group LLC offers car insurance policies that cover medical costs and property damage liabilities. In fact, the company’s founder, Bryan Heyward, started out as a franchise agent for American Family Insurance in 2006. Within a year, he had grown to be one of the top agents in the country, with more than 2,500 clients and $2 million in insurance premiums written. Today, he owns the Heyward Group LLC, offering insurance coverage options from 150 insurance carriers.

A local, independent insurance agency, Dostal & Kirk Inc., serves Columbus, IN, and the surrounding areas. They offer comprehensive auto insurance policies and can also provide coverage enhancements, such as rental reimbursement and medical payments. Additionally, they offer auto insurance for motorcycles, specialty vehicles, and collectible cars. They can even help you get agreed-value coverage for your car, or spare-part insurance for your collectibles.