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Car Insurance Companies in Utah That Offer Discounts

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If you want to save money on car insurance, one of the best ways to do so is to look for discounts. Auto insurance discounts can vary widely from carrier to carrier, but most offer a mix of different programs to help you save. You can get a young driver’s discount by driving safely for several years, or you can enroll in a defensive driving course. You can also save money by completing usage-based telematics programs, which monitor your driving habits.


GEICO car insurance companies in Utah offer affordable rates with a variety of discounts. Its loyalty programs reward loyal customers with lower rates. Additionally, it offers automatic discounts for paying your policy in full, renewing it early, and going paperless. Getting a cheap Utah car insurance policy is a smart move for any driver. These discounts can help you save hundreds of dollars every year. Read on to learn more about how these discounts can help you save money on your Utah car insurance.

GEICO offers a number of discounts, including affiliation savings and multi-vehicle discounts. Its mobile app is highly rated and earned the company the top spot in the 2021 J.D. Power U.S. Insurance Digital Experience Study. It also has local agents in Utah. If you’re considering GEICO car insurance in Utah, these discounts might be right for you. However, make sure to compare the rates of several different companies before making a decision.

GEICO is a well-known car insurance company that offers great rates on standard auto insurance. GEICO’s full coverage policy costs just 35% less than the national average. This could save you as much as $622 per year! In addition to competitive rates, GEICO offers a number of discounts. Many of them are easy to earn, including discounts for taking a driver’s education course, having a new car, and insuring multiple vehicles on the same policy.

Whether you want to insure a luxury Lexus ES 300H or a Tesla Model S Performance, it’s important to consider the cost of auto insurance in Utah. The state requires that all drivers carry liability car insurance, as well as personal injury protection. The minimum auto insurance requirements in Utah are $25,000 for bodily injury to a single person and $65,000 for multiple drivers in an accident. However, drivers with substantial assets will want more coverage than that minimum.

For personal injury protection insurance (PIP) coverage, drivers in Utah are required to carry this policy. This type of insurance pays for medical expenses and lost wages regardless of fault. Under no-fault insurance, Utah drivers pay higher insurance premiums. Utah drivers can obtain better rates by improving their credit histories. In most cases, the GEICO car insurance companies in Utah offer the best rates for drivers with poor credit. If you have recently received a DUI, you may want to contact a reputable company and see if they can offer better rates.


When you purchase USAA car insurance in Utah, you can expect to have a number of extra benefits. The company offers roadside assistance, so you won’t have to worry about paying for towing up to 50 miles. If you break down, USAA will pay for the costs of changing a flat tire, pulling you out of mud, jump-starting a dead battery, and unlocking your car. USAA will deliver fuel to your location for a fixed rate, although fuel fees may apply.

USAA has a website where you can request a free quote. However, this option isn’t front and center on the homepage. You need to scroll down to find it. Once you click on it, you’ll need to fill out some basic information about yourself and your vehicle. You can use the information provided on the form to get a customized quote from the company. Once you have a quote, you can continue with the application process.

When it comes to paying for car insurance, it’s important to understand the types of coverage you need. Full coverage is necessary to protect yourself and other drivers. Purchasing collision and comprehensive coverage is recommended for drivers who pay extra for their car insurance. In Utah, you may be able to get a reduced rate by using a military insurance company. If you’re married, you can also opt for the “married with children” option. Married drivers usually pay $188 less than single drivers and can save up to 6% per year on car insurance.

You can also choose to get accident forgiveness through USAA car insurance. Accident forgiveness means that if you don’t make claims for five years, the first accident will not increase the cost of your policy. You’ll still have to pay your medical bills, but the insurance company won’t raise your rates because of it. If you get into an accident, USAA will pay for your medical bills. This is a valuable feature of USAA car insurance in Utah.


Allstate has become one of the most popular insurance companies in Utah, and their Utah agents are no different. They offer excellent service and the lowest premiums for full-coverage insurance. Married drivers qualify for additional discounts that cut their premiums by $188 per year. Married drivers also save 6% on their car insurance each year compared to single drivers. These discounts can help you find the best car insurance company in Utah for your needs.

In Utah, car insurance rates vary widely. Drivers with a good credit score pay $1,154 annually, while those with bad credit pay $2,168. Compared to all other states, Utah is the 32nd-cheapest state for insurance. Since it is a no-fault state, there are no credit checks or credit reports to prove fault. In Utah, approximately 60,000 automobile accidents take place annually, causing millions of dollars in damage.

State Farm offers a variety of discounts for good driving habits. As the largest auto insurer in the country, State Farm also offers many discounts for good driving records. Their Steer Clear teen program and Drive Safe and Save programs are two examples of these programs. Despite the company’s high premiums, Allstate earns excellent customer satisfaction ratings from J.D. Power. In addition to its competitive prices, Allstate is one of the best options for Utah car insurance.

If you’re looking for auto insurance, home insurance, or even personal insurance, Allstate has something for you. Their Safe Driving Bonus program rewards people who drive safe and don’t have any accidents for a year. You may qualify for additional discounts by adding more than one policy with the company. There are other discounts available for multiple policies and bundling policies. If you’ve never been in an accident, consider adding Allstate Extended Vehicle Care to your policy.

In Utah, you must carry liability insurance in order to drive. This coverage pays for damage to property, injuries to others, and medical expenses. You’ll need to have a liability limit of at least $25,000 for liability coverage, but this may be enough to cover any mishaps. This coverage option is not required by law, but your lender may require you to have liability insurance coverage. You can also shop around for discounts and special deals, and Allstate has an affordable option that offers excellent customer service.


When it comes to Utah car insurance companies, Progressive stands out in the competition as the best. It offers the lowest rates for full-coverage policies in Utah, and lowers those rates by $188 for married drivers compared to unmarried drivers. On average, married drivers pay $1,114 a year compared to the average of $2,682 for single drivers. Getting car insurance at a low cost for young drivers can be difficult, but Progressive is here to help you out.

If you’re a new driver, Progressive’s Snapshot program can help you save money. You can personalize your auto insurance rate with this program, which rewards safe driving. This means that your rate may go down over time. An average Progressive driver can save $130 a year by participating in the Snapshot program, and you’ll be able to enjoy many more discounts over the years. You can also keep your car registered in your home state, which will reduce the cost of your policy.

While minimum-coverage policies are the cheapest auto insurance policies in Utah, they only cover liability and provide basic protection. In addition to a minimum liability policy, you may want to consider getting additional coverage. The lowest full-coverage car insurance policy in Utah is offered by Auto-Owners. Progressive is the second lowest, but American Family costs an average of $995. Getting full coverage, which covers liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance, is more expensive with Progressive.

While the customer service for Progressive is not as good as Geico or USAA, the number of complaints against the company is relatively low. In addition, most Progressive car insurance reviews found the company reliable and trustworthy. Those with recent driving record issues can benefit from Progressive, as they are one of the largest auto insurance companies in the U.S. They are an established insurance company and offer policies in nearly every state. Their financial strength rating is A+.

You can shop for full-coverage car insurance in Utah through Geico. Geico premiums are lower than those of younger drivers. Because experienced drivers are generally less likely to file insurance claims, their premiums are lower than those of young drivers. While Geico premiums are affordable, they do increase significantly as you approach your senior years. It is still possible to save hundreds of dollars a year by shopping around. If you’re young or have never had a car insurance policy, this could be the way to go.