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Car Insurance Companies in Columbia, Missouri

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Insurify’s Composite Score measures insurance company health, reliability and quality, based on several factors, such as customer satisfaction surveys, financial strength ratings and J.D. Power ratings. Besides consumer satisfaction surveys, Insurify also analyzes user-generated company reviews. This metric helps you compare and contrast various insurance companies. By assessing all of these factors, you can decide which one to choose. Here are some factors to consider when looking for insurance in Columbia, Missouri.


Geico is a well-known car insurance company in Columbia, Missouri. Among the top companies in this city, it has above-average customer satisfaction ratings and excellent financial strength ratings from AM Best. The company’s advertising campaigns are also well-known, with the mascot gold dust day gecko delivering a Cockney accent. Despite its strong reputation in the Columbia area, GEICO does not officially rank in the J.D. Power rankings due to eligibility restrictions.

GEICO’s mobile app lets you interact with GEICO agents in real time. You can chat with a trained representative through the app, access your digital ID card, and request vehicle care and roadside assistance. Prime Time Contract is a GEICO program for older drivers, offering automatic renewal of your GEICO policy. However, this program is not available in all states. Therefore, it is important to check with your agent before enrolling in this program.

Geico has home insurance policies in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Their policies cover damages caused by a variety of perils. Some mortgage lenders require homeowners insurance to protect their investment, so Geico offers several coverage options to meet your needs. While Geico’s service has an excellent reputation, there are a few negative points to be aware of. One common customer complaint involves long hold times, unprofessional insurance agents, and poor communication between an insurance adjuster and a policyholder.

GEICO began offering homeowners insurance in 1962. In 1996, it sold GELICO to Legal & General. Today, Geico uses its direct sales infrastructure to market other insurance policies. They deal directly with consumers by phone and through a network of local agents in many parts of the country. In fact, Geico is now the second-largest private auto insurance writer in the United States. Geico also offers health insurance.


You can purchase a USAA insurance policy online or speak with a live agent on the phone. The website will redirect you to the relevant page once you have answered the questions. You must provide some personal information as well as vehicle information to receive an accurate quote. Once you have received a quote, you can contact the company by phone or online. You can also visit the Columbia, Missouri office for more information. You can also find contact information by clicking the link below.

If you are in Columbia, Missouri, you should know that you can receive discounts from USAA for several reasons. Among these reasons are: new car discounts, multi-policy discounts, and other ways to save money on car insurance. Lastly, USAA offers roadside assistance to all members, including towing, tire replacement, and gas delivery. It is also worth noting that you can save money by signing up for automatic payments.

USAA’s auto insurance coverage is more affordable than Allstate’s, but this could depend on your location. USAA’s insurance policies cost less than Allstate’s in 47 states, while Allstate’s are more expensive in one state. Both companies offer coverage for autos and home owners. You can check to see if you qualify for a home and auto bundle discount from USAA. You can also enroll in usage-based programs from both companies. If you are a military family, USAA is a great option for you. Similarly, allstate has policies available for civilians.

Consumer Affairs rates companies by their customers’ satisfaction levels. USAA received a 95 percent overall score from the organization. This is higher than all other insurance providers in Missouri, but not by much. It’s important to know that complaints are a part of any business. But, USAA’s low index of complaints indicates that it doesn’t displeasing its customers too badly. The company was rated by J.D. Power in the United States Auto Insurance Study of 2021. The company’s high satisfaction scores from this survey are also among the highest available.


While Columbia is a small city, residents are keen to protect themselves by getting a good auto insurance plan. Even if drivers aren’t pushed by long commutes, they still value strong auto insurance coverage. The quiet streets and safe neighborhoods of Columbia make driving in this city a safe option. Nationwide, one of the leading car insurance companies in Columbia, Missouri, offers agents in the area. They can help you choose the right coverage for your needs.

Some of the best car insurance companies in Columbia, Missouri include USAA, Geico, Shelter, Progressive, and State Farm. These companies have above-average customer satisfaction ratings, excellent financial strength scores from AM Best, and a variety of coverage options. These providers do not officially rank, though, because of eligibility requirements. So before choosing a company in Columbia, compare prices and get a free car insurance quote. It’s easy to find a competitive price for the same coverage.

A clean driving record can help you lower your insurance rates. While reckless driving citations and at-fault accidents are not ideal, they can still save you money. Reckless driving in Columbia, Missouri, costs over $598 per year. Moving from “very poor” to “fair” will cut your monthly premiums by $225. If you’ve only been driving for a few years, though, a clean driving record will save you about $1652.

While the minimum coverage is required by Missouri law, it’s worth shopping around for higher coverage. Personal liability coverage is a legal requirement in Columbia, but you can increase this by purchasing higher coverage. A licensed insurance agent can help you determine what level of coverage will provide the most protection. While you’re shopping around for an insurance policy, consider your zip code and company. You can find cheap insurance quotes in Columbia, MO by researching different insurers’ websites.


If you are looking for a car insurance policy in Columbia, Missouri, you may want to consider Progressive insurance companies. They offer various services including insurance quotes and auto insurance. They are a licensed agency for many different insurers, and their websites are governed by their privacy and terms of service. You may receive different quotes from different insurers based on the factors you provide. You may even qualify for discounts. But be aware that these discounts are not available in every state.

In Columbia, Missouri, the average premium for a driver is $570 for the minimum required coverage of 50/100/50. The cost of 100/300/100 is $94 more per month, or $1,126 more per year. These premiums vary depending on your driving record, age, and gender. Progressive is also known for its online tools. Their Name Your Price tool helps you see what rates other insurance companies charge.

As you can see, your driving record is a crucial factor in your insurance rates. Maintaining a clean driving record is one of the best ways to minimize the impact of insurance rates. A clean driving record will save you hundreds of dollars a year. Also, consider getting “good driver” or “accident-free” discounts. These will help you save money on your car insurance. Once you have been a good driver for three years, violations won’t affect your monthly premiums.

In Columbia, MO, you can find numerous car insurance companies. You may also want to consider visiting a Travelers insurance agency in order to purchase a car insurance policy. This insurance agent in Columbia, MO has a 4.5 star rating from 318 reviewers. You can get auto, life, and home insurance from these companies. They also offer personal benefits. You can also get home and life insurance from Travelers insurance companies in Columbia, Missouri.

State Farm

If you’re looking for an insurance company in Columbia, Missouri, look no further than State Farm. Known for their affordable home and auto insurance policies, State Farm is one of the top choices for homeowners in the area. They can help you get the right policy for the needs you have today and into the future. State Farm is also partnered with Rocket Mortgage, which can help you get the right home loan for your specific situation.

You may have heard of State Farm before, but you may not know what kind of insurance they provide. State Farm in Columbia, MO offers a variety of affordable insurance options, including Medicare supplement plans and individual medical coverage. State Farm even offers disability insurance, which can help you cover your monthly expenses if you become disabled. State Farm agent Phyllis Nichols can help you find the right health insurance for you, including quotes.

The Justin Hahn office in Columbia, Missouri provides insurance services to the entire state. Justin Hahn joined State Farm in 2010 as an Agent Aspirant. His office in Columbia, Missouri, opened on March 1, 2014. His passion for helping people is apparent in his professional life. Hazelrigg is active in the local business community, serving as an advocate for local businesses. He can be reached at [email protected] to learn more about his insurance services.

The 101st largest bank in the US, State Farm has 519,000 mutual fund accounts and services. They handle more than 39,000 insurance claims every day. The company has been an advocate for road safety, influencing the development of seatbelt laws in the US. They continue to be a leader in teen driver safety. State Farm has a policy incentive focused on driving best practices. If you’re in Columbia, Missouri, you should definitely check out State Farm insurance.