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Bankers Independent Auto Insurance Agent

bankers independent auto insurance

You can trust the expertise of a Bankers Independent Auto Insurance Agent. They are not tied to a single company, so they have more options and resources to choose from when presenting you with several options. The independent auto insurance agents at Bankers Insurance always have their clients’ best interests in mind, while offering competitive rates and great service. Read on for more reasons to work with a Bankers Independent Auto Insurance Agent. You’ll be glad you did!

Agents aren’t tied to a single insurance company

An independent auto insurance agent is not a company representative; instead, they represent several different insurance companies. This gives you greater choices and the ability to choose the best insurance coverage at the lowest cost. Independent agents also have a wealth of resources, so they can quote insurance with several companies and present them to you as options. Bankers is not tied to any one company, so they work in your best interest and can help you make an informed decision.

Insurance agents are unbiased because they don’t represent one company. Independent agents work on behalf of their customers and can offer valuable advice based on their own experience with different companies. In addition to negotiating the best possible rates, independent agents are more likely to offer you multi-policy discounts, which can add up to significant savings. Additionally, insurance policies can work in tandem with each other to provide complete coverage and better rates.

An independent agent is licensed and experienced, and they understand the complexities of insurance policies. An insurance agency can be overwhelming, with many exclusions, complexities and technical jargon. Many consumers don’t understand what they need, let alone how much coverage is necessary. They may purchase less insurance than is necessary to meet local law, while others pay high monthly premiums for coverage they never use.

Agents are licensed by the Department of Banking and Insurance

Independent insurance agents are not tied to one specific insurance company. Instead, they utilize a variety of resources to obtain quotes for their clients and present various options to them. Because of this, Bankers independent auto insurance agents are licensed by the Department of Banking and Insurance to represent their clients’ interests. A licensed independent auto insurance agent is an invaluable asset to any business. Their objective is to help clients save money on insurance while maintaining a high level of service.

The NAIC is opposed to NARAB and believes that the federal government should not dictate insurance activities. States consider licensing to be a fundamental authority. But, CIAB, which represents large insurance agencies and brokers, supports NARAB’s effort. The CIAB argues that NAIC and state laws have made little progress on uniform licensing and CE requirements. However, it is unclear if these new laws will be adopted.

The OCC is also battling state laws that prohibit bank employees and locations from selling insurance. These laws are designed to discourage illegal tie-in sales, in which an auto insurance policy is sold in conjunction with a loan. As such, the OCC has already declared that it is only interested in preempting laws that hurt banks. Bankers are not willing to take the risk of losing a lucrative customer.

Moreover, it is important to note that bank tellers are not insurance agents. While bank teller licenses do not require insurance agents to provide their services, they are not required to be compensated for their services. However, they must be compensated for the actual sale of insurance products. That way, they do not compromise the integrity of the insurance industry. In fact, this is what makes the insurance industry so competitive.