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Auto-Owners Insurance Salary

The average salary for an Auto-Owners Insurance employee is $244,560, but the salary can range anywhere from $214,433 to $283,355. The salary for a specific job title is highly variable, depending on location, department, and skills. Auto-Owners Insurance offers a wide variety of services, including home and car insurance, life insurance, and more. Below is an overview of auto-owners insurance salaries in the U.S.

Average salary of auto-owners insurance employees in Pittsburgh, PA

Auto-Owners Insurance is an insurance company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Employees earn an average salary of $54,406 a year, or $21 per hour. While the average salary for auto insurance companies is around $54,000 per year, you can earn more or less depending on the position you’re in. Job titles at Auto-Owners Insurance range from front-end developer to SAP Fico consultant. Job titles below administrative assistant earn around $27210 annually.

Salaries vary by location, but Auto-Owners Insurance has the highest average salary in the Pittsburgh area at $56,371. Other cities with similar industries and compensation are Lansing, MI, and Erie Insurance Group. Employees in these areas earn a median of $55,137. For more information on salary ranges and benefits, check out There’s no reason not to apply to an auto-owners insurance company in your area! You’ll be glad you did.

Top paying companies for auto-owners insurance salaries

Auto-Owners Insurance ranks #2 on Zippia’s Best Places to Work list, based on an objective data-based analysis. The company’s employees are the most likely to be Democratic Party members and average five years of service. The average salary at Auto-Owners Insurance is $54,406, and employees are the most likely to be Democratic Party members. While many insurance employees are paid top dollar for their political beliefs, the company is also one of the best places to work if you’re a member of either party.

The average salary at Auto-Owners Insurance is $54,486 per year, or $21 per hour. This salary is about 40% lower than the national average for the same role. The company’s highest-paying positions include SAP HR Functional Consultant (paid up to $220,000 a year), Marketing, IT, and Sales. Other positions at Auto-Owners Insurance are Entry Level Claim Representative, Home Health Aid, and Claims Adjuster, which are among the highest-paying jobs at the company.

While Auto-Owners Insurance pays its employees very well, their compensation differs greatly by location. For example, employees in Pittsburgh, PA earn an average of $56,371, while those in Lansing, MI earn $55,137. However, a higher-paying job at Auto-Owners Insurance is not necessary. It can be challenging to find the right position based on salary alone, but the best companies will reward their employees well and provide a rewarding environment.

Average salary by job title at Auto-Owners Insurance

The salary range at Auto-Owners Insurance varies by job title and location. An employee with an insurance agent job title can expect to make about $244,560 per year. Other positions within the company include senior software engineer, sales representative, and file clerk. The average salary is $27210 per year, according to the company’s website. However, the salary you will earn will depend on your skill level and experience.

The salary range at Auto-Owners Insurance varies by region. The highest-paid employees are in Pittsburgh, PA, with an average salary of $56,371 per year. Employees in Lansing, MI, earn about $55,137 per year. For more information, you can visit Auto-Owners Insurance’s website. Here are some benefits you can expect to receive.

Compensation and benefits are among the highest at Auto-Owners Insurance. Employees at the company rate their compensation and perks highly. Employees with an IT support role earn the most at Auto-Owners Insurance. Additionally, Auto-Owners Insurance contributes to the community through initiatives such as those in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, salaries can vary significantly depending on job title and location.