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American Family Insurance Stevens Point

american family insurance stevens point

In 2004, American Family Insurance, the parent company of Dairyland, moved its corporate headquarters to Stevens Point, WI. The new location is still home to the same offices, but American Family has a lot of things to offer. Check out their hours of operation to learn more. You’ll also find information on their discounts and phone number. Hopefully this information will help you decide whether to use the Stevens Point office of American Family Insurance.

Dairyland’s parent company, american family insurance, moved to a new headquarters in Stevens Point in 2004

Dairyland began as a Wisconsin-based insurer more than 60 years ago. It later grew nationwide, but it still maintains its midwestern roots. In 1916, the Hardware Dealers Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Wisconsin began writing auto insurance policies. The company later became Sentry and acquired Dairyland in 1966. Dairyland began offering specialty insurance policies to drivers with bad driving records, limited driving experience, and no previous insurance. Dairyland’s insurance program expanded to include motorcycle insurance, SR-22, and SR-22 policies, among other things.

In addition to dairy products, Wisconsin is home to several other industries. Amtrak runs between Chicago and Milwaukee daily and offers cross-country service via the Empire Builder. Union Pacific North is the only Metra line in the state. Several intercity bus operators serve 53 cities with service through the state’s transit system. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation plans and builds highways throughout the state. There are eight Interstate Highways within the state.

Dairyland’s mobile application is available for iOS and Android. It gives customers access to their car insurance quotes and information. Dairyland has competitive rates for teens and young drivers, who are often the most expensive drivers. In addition, Dairyland offers a pay-as-you-go car insurance option with a low down payment. In addition, the lienholder policy covers custom parts.

In addition to the Dairyland parent company, the American family insurance company has expanded their business into the surrounding area, including the new headquarters for the Dairyland company. Located in Stevens Point, the new headquarters for the American family insurance company will house a diverse range of employees. The new headquarters is one of the largest in the state.

Dairyland’s parent company, American Family insurance, was founded by Harold Evans in 1929. In 1998, the company was acquired by Nationwide. The name and logo of the company changed, but the mission remains unchanged. The company is committed to preserving the local community and the community it serves. The Dairyland parent company supports many nonprofits, as well as educational institutions, through employee donations and the Sentry Foundation.

American Family’s 100-year history

Located in north-central Wisconsin, Stevens Point is the state’s third-largest city. While the city isn’t exactly in the swing or conservative zone of either the western 3rd or northwest 3rd districts, it does fall within the center. During the Farm Crisis, straight-line family farming issues re-entered the political conversation. After the Farm Crisis, however, Gunderson began pivoting back to the center to win the seat.

For local history and genealogy, Stevens Point Public Library has a collection of historical materials that include newspaper clippings. Located on the second floor of the Main Library, the collection is divided into Wisconsin, Portage County, and Stevens Point sections. It contains genealogy society newsletters and biographies. The Stevens Point Area Genealogical Society manages the collection. It is a great place to start your search for your family’s history.

Discounts offered

There are numerous ways you can save money on your home insurance. Whether you are a student, retired individual, or a new homeowner, you can benefit from discounts offered by American Family Insurance Stevens Point. You can receive a discount on auto insurance, homeowners insurance, or renters insurance simply by making smart choices. Learn more about the discounts available and how you can save money with these policies. In addition, by bundling your auto and home insurance, you’ll receive a further discount.

Phone number

American Family Insurance provides home, auto and business insurance in Wisconsin. They also offer life, health and annuities. American Family is headquartered in Madison and serves policyholders in 17 states. If you’re looking for a phone number for American Family, look no further. Simply dial their toll-free number for immediate help. A representative will be happy to assist you and answer your questions. Listed below are their contact details:

Customers can contact the company’s Stevens Point office by calling the number above. The customer service representatives handle questions, coordinate personal insurance reviews and prospecting through direct mail. They also enter new applications and submit changes to existing policies. If you’re interested in receiving quotes, be sure to call the Stevens Point office. Contact us today to receive a free quote on a new or existing policy. And remember, we can update your information if it changes.