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Alamo Car Rental Insurance – Is it Worth the Price?

alamo car rental insurance policy

An Alamo car rental insurance policy limits the customer’s financial responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage to the rental vehicle. It’s expensive, does not cover collision, and limits coverage if the other driver has “other vehicle liability coverage.” Here are some other considerations to keep in mind. We’ve reviewed each of these points to help you choose the right policy for your trip. If you have questions, contact us today.

Alamo car rental insurance policy limits customer’s financial responsibility for loss, damage or theft of rental vehicle

In addition to the above, Alamo offers a PAI/PEC car rental insurance policy, which provides full coverage for the rental vehicle. The policy covers third-party liability and damages, including legal and medical expenses. The policy also covers the rental car’s full value, up to 100 percent. However, customers must note that PAI/PEC coverage is optional. It may duplicate coverage provided by their own policies. As a result, it is important to review other sources of coverage before choosing an insurance policy.

While Alamo car rental insurance is an affordable option, it can be expensive, especially if you don’t own a vehicle. This type of insurance may not be enough for your rental needs. Therefore, you should inventory your own policy and see if it covers the cost of rental car insurance. It is possible to compare rental insurance rates from different companies. If you’re not sure about which policy you need, we suggest that you compare prices online. There are hundreds of insurance companies out there, and you can easily compare quotes by zip code or company.

A loss-damage waiver waives customer’s responsibility for theft or damage to the rental vehicle. It includes towing and loss of use coverage. However, it comes with certain exclusions, such as coverage for accidents caused by speeders or drunk drivers. Regardless of what type of insurance plan you choose, make sure you ask your Alamo agent about the coverage level and exclusions before signing a contract.


If you’re looking to rent a car in Hawaii, you might be wondering if an Alamo car rental insurance policy is worth the price. The answer to this question is both yes and no. The reason is that an Alamo car rental insurance policy is secondary to your personal auto insurance policy, and is not the same thing as credit card coverage. If you choose to purchase coverage through your credit card, you’ll have to decline the Alamo rental car insurance policy and pay for it yourself.

Most rental locations require third-party liability coverage on all vehicles, but many people don’t know that this coverage isn’t always enough. In this case, it’s worth checking with your local insurance agency to see if they offer this coverage. If you don’t have any liability insurance, you can opt to purchase third-party liability protection through Alamo, but make sure to show it to your rental agent in order to activate the insurance.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative: Alamo has begun offering collision damage waiver (CDW) coverage. It’s usually only $10 to $50 per day, but it will help protect you if your rental car gets damaged or stolen. While CDW coverage can be expensive, it’s well worth it if you don’t want to incur the expense of filing a claim. You can also consider a credit card coverage option that’s similar to Alamo’s CDW, but it won’t provide you with the same protection.

Doesn’t cover collision

If you are looking for a rental car, you may be wondering if the company has any insurance. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Alamo offers liability coverage and collision insurance. You may also have personal auto insurance or a credit card policy that covers collision. Choosing an optional Collision Damage Waiver will provide you with coverage for the cost of repairs for your rental car.

Typically, collision and comprehensive coverage are included in rental car insurance policies. If you are renting a similar car to your own, you may not need additional coverage, but if you’re renting a luxury vehicle, you may want to purchase a collision damage waiver. However, collision damage waiver coverage will not cover theft or other damage. In such cases, your credit card company might provide rental insurance coverage.

If you are unsure if your personal auto insurance policy covers your rental, you may want to purchase a separate policy. While your existing insurance coverage will cover you while renting a car, you should make sure it covers collision and comprehensive. Call ahead of time to check the details. The policy you choose will affect your premiums. You can call to make sure your current insurance coverage is compatible with your rental car policy.

Doesn’t cover comprehensive

If you’re wondering whether or not your personal auto insurance policy or umbrella policy provides coverage for rental cars, read on. While this type of policy is a good choice if you have no auto insurance, it isn’t mandatory. In fact, it may duplicate your existing coverage, if any. Check with your personal insurance company or other sources of coverage to make sure they’re not duplicating your Alamo coverage.

Generally speaking, most credit card companies don’t offer collision coverage to European customers. As such, when declining a CDW policy from a car rental company, they may ask for hard copies to prove your credit card coverage. This is an error. Unless you have hard-copy proof of your credit card coverage, it is completely irrelevant. By understanding how CDW works and why you won’t be covered, you can avoid getting sold a policy you don’t need.

If your personal auto insurance policy covers rental cars, you can use it. However, it’s best to check with your policy’s exclusions to make sure you’re covered. Many rental car companies have a policy that only covers collision and liability damage. This may be insufficient if you’re covered for a variety of situations, including rental car theft. If you don’t want to pay for collision and comprehensive coverage, you can opt for a collision and/or waiver policy instead.

Doesn’t cover tolls

Doesn’t cover tolls on an Alamo car rental insurance policy? If so, you need to check your own policy or purchase one. You might have insurance coverage through your personal car policy, umbrella policy, or credit card, but it may be duplicated by Alamo. The policy may also duplicate your own coverage, so it is worth checking your own coverage before renting a car.

Cashless toll roads are becoming increasingly common in the U.S. and have a reputation for draining pockets. These toll roads are often equipped with transponders, which automatically detect electronic tolls. Once you pass through a toll lane, a fee is added to your bill. Some rental car companies take advantage of this by charging their customers extra to avoid paying the toll.

If your Alamo car rental insurance policy doesn’t cover tolls, you may need to purchase an additional toll pass or transponder before you drive. This will avoid any surprise fees that might pop up later. Also, you’ll be able to save money by purchasing an extra transponder or toll pass. If you’re paying extra for these items, you can use them as credit for tolls.