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AAA Insurance – Can Someone Else Drive My Car?

aaa insurance can someone else drive my car

There are some important things to know about AAA insurance. If you need to let someone else drive your car, you should first know what it covers. Permissive use is a standard feature of most auto insurance policies. Permissive use covers collision, comprehensive, and custom, electronic, or extra equipment. It also isn’t transferable and must be authorized by the other driver. Read on to find out more.

Permissive use is a standard feature of most auto insurance policies

Permissive use coverage is standard in most auto insurance policies, but you should know that there are exceptions. If you’re driving someone else’s car, for example, you may not be covered if they don’t have a license. And if you’re borrowing another person’s car, you may be subject to a lower insurance premium if you’re using it for business purposes.

You may also want to consider adding someone to your policy as a permissive user. Permissive use allows you to give unlisted drivers permission to drive your car, as long as they live at the same address as you do. But if you don’t live at the same address as you do, you can’t list them. If you don’t list them, you might be liable for an accident if they are unable to pay the insurance.

Permissive use is an optional feature, but most major car insurance companies offer it. Some smaller insurance companies, however, may not offer it, so check with your agent to see whether you can add someone to your policy. And don’t forget to review your policy to make sure you don’t have any exclusions. For example, you might be covered up to 12 times a year if you’re a permissive user, but not if you drive a lot.

In case you are considering giving permission to a friend to drive your car, read the policy carefully. You may find that you can add a co-worker, a parent, or another licensed driver to your policy. If not, you may end up paying more in insurance premiums. But if you’re sure you’ll be doing it anyway, you’re a permissive driver.

It is only available if the other driver gives you consent

Usually, AAA insurance can someone else drive my car is limited to coverage provided when the other driver grants their consent. Permissive use occurs when you give permission for someone else to drive your car, but you don’t have to give it in advance. This is common for borrowing someone else’s car or renting a car. Unless you have express permission from the other party, your insurance coverage will only apply if they’re listed on the policy.

Permissive drivers receive less coverage than non-permissive drivers, but the policy will cover them in most cases. Permissive drivers will also have lower coverage in some states. You can also make sure to add your extended family to your policy if you need to go on a road trip or want someone else to drive your car while you’re not available.

It covers collision, comprehensive, custom, electronic or extra equipment

AAA insurance can someone else drive my car depends on whether the person is a listed driver or not. You can choose whether to cover an unlisted driver if you give permission in advance. If someone drives your car on a frequent basis, you may consider letting them borrow it for a few days, or you may want to consider a non-owner policy if they are an occasional driver.

In many cases, allowing a friend to drive your car is fine, but if you don’t have any collision or comprehensive coverage, you could be responsible for the cost of repairs. If the other driver has the insurance, you’ll get reimbursed for the cost of repairs. In some states, like New York, you’ll need to have personal injury protection coverage, or “no fault” insurance, in order to drive someone else’s car.

AAA can also offer you discounts for letting someone else drive your car. For example, if you have more than one car insured with them, you can get a five percent discount on your policy. You can also get additional discounts based on your membership level, occupation, education level, anti-theft device, paperless billing, and more. Some affiliates even offer discounts for paying your premiums in full, which could save you a lot of money on your car insurance.

AAA insurance can also cover a family member to drive your car. While you might not have permission to let someone else drive your car, it can be important for your overall health. This coverage will protect you if they are injured or involved in a car accident, and it may not be covered if you didn’t give permission. This is especially true if you’re married or divorced. If you’d like to protect your own car, you should get a comprehensive insurance policy.